Qadhi Abu Bakr al Baqillani and his debate with Christian King and Monk

When Qadhi Abu Bakr al Baqillani (teacher of Khateeb Baghdadi) silenced to the King of Christians and the pope.
1. King of Christians asked Muslims Caliph to send some scholar for discussion, The Caliph sent Qadhi Abu Bakr al Baqilani.
The King arranged his court in a way that if someone wants to visit him, he has to bow. When Qadhi visited him he entered while making his back towards the King.
The king said in a taunting way: I heard the wife of your Prophet was accused for zina. (Talking about Aisha ra).
Qadhi replied: Yes, two women were accused of zina, one was married and had no child (Aisha ra). Other one was unmarried and came with child (Mariam aleh salam). And both were innocent.
By listening this king was stunned and then Qadhi answered their pope and silenced him. After that he asked to the pope: How is your wife and children?
People said Pope can not marry, its an insult for pope. He replied: Don’t you feel ashamed? You claim its an insult for pope to have children, But for our Creator your opinion is that he is a father of a child?
[Narrated by Shaykh Zubair Ali Zai Rahimaullah, تبيين كذب المفتري by Ibn Asakir pages 218، 219 انظر ” تاريخ بغداد ” 5 / 379، 380، و” ترتيب المدارك ” 4 / 596، و” الأنساب ” 2 / 51، 52، و” تبيين كذب المفتري ” 218، و” المنتظم ” 7 / 265، و” البداية والنهاية ” 11 / 350.]
2. A Compelling Reply
[The following discussion between Imam Abu Bakr al-Baqillani (rahimahullah) and a Christian Monk is found in Al-Khateeb’s ‘Tareekh al-Baghdad’, 5/379]:
The Monk said: ‘You are Muslims, you have racism among you’.
Al-Baqillani asked: ‘And what is that?’
The Monk: ‘You prefer for yourselves marrying the People of the Book – either Jewish or Christian – and yet do not allow others to marry your daughters.
Al-Baqillani: ‘We marry Jewish women because we believe in Moses. And we marry Christian women because we believe in Jesus. And when you believe in Muhammad, you may marry our daughters.’ [This passage is taken From br Boriqee Bey’s Facebook wall October 31, 2016]