Polygyny according to scholars and advice of shaykh al Albani

Sayings of Great Scholars of Islam on Marrying only one is recommended or more than one is recommended.

  1. a) The Hanbali scholar Al-Hajjaawi may Allaah have mercy upon him wrote, “It is recommended to take only one (wife).” [Zaad Al-Mustaqni’]
  2. b) Ibn Qudaamah may Allaah have mercy upon him from the Hanbali School of jurisprudence, said in Ash-Sharh Al-Kabeer: “It is more appropriate to marry only one wife. The author of Al-Muharrar [i.e. Abul Barakaat Al-Majd ibn Taymiyyah] said this, based on the saying of Allaah (which means) {…But if you fear that you will not be just, then [marry only] one}.” [End of quote from Ash-Sharh Al-Kabeer authored by Shams-ud-deen Ibn Qudaamah]
  3. c) Ash-Shirbeeni from the Shaafi’i School of jurisprudence, said in Mughni Al-Muhtaaj: “It is a Sunnah not to marry more than one wife if there is no apparent need.” [End of quote]
  4. d) Al-Jassaas, from the Hanafi School of jurisprudence, said in his Tafseer (interpretation of the Quran): “With regard to the saying of Allaah (which means): {…two or three or four…}, it implies that it is permissible for a man to marry two wives if he so wishes, three if he so wishes, or four if he so wishes, and he has the choice to marry whichever number among these. He said: if he fears that he will not treat them fairly, then instead of four, he should marry three, and if he fears that he will not be just between three, then instead of three he should marry two, and if he still fears that he will not be just between two, then he should marry only one.” [End of quote]
  5. e) Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen may Allaah have mercy upon him said: “It is safer to restrict oneself to only one wife. However, if one sees that one wife is not enough for him and he cannot maintain his chastity by having only one wife, then we enjoin him to marry a second, a third, or a fourth, until he feels comfortable, lowers his gaze, and enjoys peace of mind.” [Excerpt from Ash-Sharh Al-Mumti’] [Islamweb]


Advice of Shaykh al Albani Rahimahullah to the youth regarding Polygyny.

He said:

”إذا كان يستطيع أن يجمع بين البنتين أو بين المرأتين ورضيت الأولى هذا بلاشك أولى؛ وهذا فيه تحقيق للنص القرآني {فَانْكِحُوا مَا طَابَ لَكُمْ مِنَ النِّسَاءِ مَثْنَى وَثُلَاثَ وَرُبَاعَ} [النساء: 3].

لكن هذا في هذا الزمان صعب جدا، الجمع بين الزوجتين صعب جدا في هذا الزمان؛ والصعوبة قد تكون مشتركة بين الزوجين، وقد تكون منفردة من أحد الزوجين الذكر اوالأنثى؛ فأنت قد تكون رجلا صالحا وإذا جمعت بين الزوجتين تحكم بينهما وتقسم بالعدل كما هو معروف في الشرع؛ لكن إحداهما لا تساعدك على ذلك إما القديمة وإما الحديثة وذلك لفساد أخلاق المجتمع، لفساد أخلاق أهل الزوجة الأولى أو الأخرى؛ ولذلك على الرغم من صراحة الشريعة الإسلامية بإباحة التعدد أنا لا أنصح اليوم بالزواج؛ وذلك للمشاكل التي تقع بالزواج الثاني“[سلسلة الهدى والنور (مفرغ كاملا) 2/ 489]

If a Man has a power to remain with two wives and the first wife is pleased with it that is better without a doubt. This is practicing upon the verse “then marry those that please you of [other] women, two or three or four.”

But THIS IS VERY DIFFICULT IN THIS TIME. It is very hard to keep two wives. This difficulty is from both the husband and the wife and sometimes it is from one of them

You are a human being and wants to live with two wives with justice according to Shariyah, so your first or second wife will not allow you to do this due to the violation of moral values in the society or due to the family members of first or second wife.

So, even though Islam allowed to marry more than one but I will not advice to marry second time in our times. This is because of the problems which start after second marriage.[سلسلة الهدى والنور (مفرغ كاملا) 2/ 489