The Ashari Imam Ibraheem al Korani al Shahrani on Ibn Taymiyah

The Ashari Imam Ibraheem bin Hasan al Korani ash-Shahrozi al Shahrani (1025-1101) on Ibn Taymiyah and aqaid of ahlus sunnah.

Al Alusi al Kabeer the Mufti of Baghdad quoted from the Risalah of Ibraheem al Korani, That He said regarding Tassub of Asharis and Hanbalis against each other:
وأمثال هذه التعصبات الفاسدة هي التي أوقعت الفريقين فيما وقعوا فيه، وإلا فالكل على هدى إن شاء الله تعالى،
This type of false bigotry damaged both of the sides otherwise both of them are on guidance.

Then He said:
ولقد اطلعت على رسالة للشيخ ابن تيمية وهي معتبرة عند الحنابلة، وطالعتها كلها فلم أر فيها شيئاً مما ينبذ ويرمى به في العقائد سوى ما ذكرنا من تشديده في رد التأويل، وتمسكه بالظواهر مع التفويض والمبالغة في التنزيه، مبالغة يقطع معها بأنه لا يعتقد تجسيماً ولا تشبيهاً، بل يصرح بذلك تصريحاً لا خفاء فيه، والعجب ممن يترك صريح لفظه بنفي التشبيه والتجسيم ويأخذ بلازم قوله الذي لا يقول به ولا يسلم لزومه، وعلى كل حال فهو كما قال كثير من المشائخ في الشيخ محيي الدين
I Came to know about a risalah of Shaykh Ibn Taymiyah who is respected for Hanabilah, I read all of it and I DIDN’T FIND ANYTHING IN IT WHICH SHOULD BE DISCARDED AND THROWN AS FAR AS AQEEDA IS CONCERN. Its just that it (the risalah) has too much emphasis on refutation of taweel…. HE DID NOT BELIEVE IN TAJSEEM NEITHER IN TASHBEEH RATHER HE CLEARED (HIS AQEEDAH) DUE TO WHICH NO DOUBT REMAINS. T`ajub is on those people who leave his clear sayings against tajseem and tashbeeh and attributed those things to him which he never claimed. It is same like those shuyukh who said things against shaykh Muhiy ud din. [quoted by al-Alusi’s grandson from his grandfather in Ghayat al Amani 2/123-124]

One can go against his agreement with Ashari aqaid but the thing is that, He accepted the truth that Ibn Taymiyah was not mujassami, rather he and other sunnis are upon the truth.