Debate between Innovator and Muhammad bin AbdulRahman alAdrami

This article is regarding a debate between Imam Muhammad bin AbdulRahman alAdrami and an innovator. See how Caliph of his time and Imam Adarmi responded to the innovator.

Once a man innovated creed and started preaching that creed. Imam Muhammad-bin Abdur Ar-Rahman alAdarmi debated him.

He(Imam Adarmi) asked: Did Messenger of Allah(Peace be upon him) Abu-Bakr(R.A) or Umar(r.a) or uthman(r.a) or Ali(r.a) were aware of this innovation?
He(Innovator) replied: No.

Imam Adrami said:The matter which they(prophet & his companions) were unaware of how would you come to know about it?
He(Innovator) changed his previous statements and said they were aware of that.

Imam Adarmi asked: Being aware of that matter why then they(Prophet & his companions) didn’t preach that? Do you think it was not permissible to preach this creed?
He(innovator) replied: Yes,it was permissible for them to do so.

Imam Adarmi said: They were aware of the matter according to you but they didn’t propogated. Then how come you propagate it?
The innovator become answerless and the ruler was also witnessing the debate, He said: If those things which were enough for Rasool Allah peace be upon him and Khulafa alRashideen, are not enough for any other person then Allah may not give him any kind of expansion (like in money and food etc.)

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Now a days Innovators are even more brave. They even after agreeing that Sahaba never celebrated Mawlid (as Tahir ul Qadri said in his book of Mawlid) do not remain silent like the innovator of that time (100s of years ago), now they come up with several different answers, they should learn something from Imams of Ahlus Sunnah. May Allah guide us all ameen.