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Story of at-Tabarani and Ibn al Muqri regarding asking help from the Prophet peace be upon him. 928
Tawassul Challenge: Answered 3762
The hadeeth of Rabi'a bin Ka'b and Istigatha 2528
Hadith: O Allah, I ask U by the right that those who ask of U & tawassul 3566
Ibn al Mundakar & Istegatha from Prophet peace be upon him 3762
Doctrine of Tawassul In the Light of Quran & Sunnah 6213
Prayers of pious & oppressed without any tawassul through dead 5158
Narration of Umm Kulthum To Complain Over Prophet Grave 5674
Bilal bin Rabah Dream & Then Visiting Prophet Grave 10642
Meaning of Seeking Waseelah (5:35 and 17:57) 11945
Rule of the thumb Asking from dead is not allowed 11996
Refutation of Tahir ul Qadri on asking help from dead 10656
Istegatha (Narrations: O Slaves of Allah Help me and its reality) 19636
Hadith of Maymuna Where Prophet Said Labbayk & Nusirta 14406
Tawassul Refutation Series (Athar of Imam Malik & Jafar) 7516
Tawassul Refutation Series (On grave of Imam Bukhari) 6466
Tawassul of Imam Shafaee through grave of Imam Abu Haneefa 9999
Tawassul Refutation Series (Jews Tawassul Through Prophet) 5511
Bida`ee Tawassul Refutation Series (Athar of Ayesha RA) 7527
Tawassul Refutation (Athar of Ibn Umar saying YA MUHAMMAD) 8321
Bida`ee Tawassul Refutation Series (Athar of Malik Ad Dar) 12270
Tawassul Refutation Series (Hadeeth of Mother of Ali RA) 6051
Did Adam(pbuh) make Tawassul through Prophet(pbuh) 10118
Tawassul Refutation Series (Athar of Abu Ayub Al Ansaree RA) 7967
Tawassul Refutation Series (Athar of Utbi and verse 4:64) 10784
Bida`ee Tawassul Refutation Series (Athar of Man in need) 9383
Can We Prove "Ya Muhammad help, Ya RasulAllah" From Quran 13186
Refuting GF HADDAD : Ya Shaykh Madad Istighatha or Istiana 14279

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