Deoband Rejects Ijma Consensus

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Deoband Reject Ijma Consensus


1) Introduction
2) Importance of Ijma for Deobandis
3) Proofs of Deoband Rejects Ijma


1) Introduction

Previously i did an article "Deoband Rejects Imam Abu hanifa in fiqh":


This one is Deoband rejects Ijma. The deobandis have a bogus allegation against the Ahlul hadeeth that "Ahlul hadeeth believe Quran and hadeeth/sunnah ONLY but they dont believe in Ijma." This claim is only a result of their Rock bottom intellect and wishful whims along with desires. We have repeatedly made it clear that Ijma is included in Quran and hadeeth and Ijma is Hujjah with in the Quran and Hadeeth it self. It is not something that is expunged from Quran and Sunnah. Secondly, they also make this claim because the ahlul hadeeth reject the fabricated Ijma of the Deobandi Sufi Muqallid Innovator Sect. Ijma is done by the Ulama of Ahlu sunnah and the fabricated ijma of deobandi innovators is to be rejected. However, Deobandis keep telling every one that their proofs are Quran, Sunnah, Ijma and Qiyaas but in reality their proof is only Taqleed, taqleed, taqleed and taqleed. We know that Quran, Sunnah, Ijma and Qiyaas are the things that a Deobandi Muqallid has nothing to do with. The proof of a muqallid is only the saying of his Imam as the "Mufti" of deobandis, Rasheed Ahmed Ludhyanwi, states:

"The Hujjah (proof) for a muqallid is the saying of his Imam and not the Adilla-e-Arba'a[Irshaad ul Qari Pg 412]

Irshad Ul Qari Page 412


Adilla-e-Arba'a means Quran, Sunnah, Ijma and Qiyaas.


Rasheed Ludhyanwi says in another place: "The Proof for a muqallid is only the saying of his Imam[Irshaad ul Qari Pg 288]

Irshad Ul Qari Page 288


Yet they have the audacity to lie to their public that Ahlul hadeeth dont believe in Ijma. In this article we will inshaAllah prove that deobandis not only reject the Ijma of the Ummah but they also reject their own fabricated Ijma & go against it. Just as some say that "RECORDS ARE MADE TO BE BROKEN", similarly for deobandis it should be "IJMA ARE MADE TO BE REJECTED".


2) Importance of Ijma for Deobandis:

a) Ameen Okarvi states that:

“The prophet s.a.w has declared the one that swerves away from decisions made with Ijma is a Satan and from the people of hell fire” [Tajalliyaat e Safdar 6/189]


Tajalliyaat E Safdar Vol 6 Page 189



b) Abdul Azeez of Darul uloom deoband says in response to a question:

“There is Ijma on this. The one that goes against and rejects this Ijma is misguided” [Fataawa Darululoom deoband 9/49]

Fatawa Darul Uloom Deoband Page 49


c) Anwar Shah Kashmiri stated:

“The rejector of Ijma is a kaafir” [Naqsh e Dawaam Hayaat e Kashmiri page 197]

Naqsh E Dawaam 197


d) Sarfaraz Ghakkarwi states:

“The rejector of Ijma is a kaafir” [Taskeen As-Sudoor 291]

Taskeen Us Sudoor Page 291



The above 4 points prove that the rejector of Ijma is a Kaafir and who ever goes against Ijma is a misguided satan plus he is from the people of hell fire.


Note: Deobandis take the meaning of "Ittifaaq" to be "Ijma".

Ameer Okarvi said while quoting Abdul Hayy Lakhnawi:

"The Scholars are unanimous (Ittifaaq) that the sunnah for woman is to place the hands on their chest" [Al-Si’aya 3/152]

From this we come to know that women placing their hands on the chest is a decision of Ijma and the opposer of Ijma is from the people of hell fire according to Quran and hadeeth" [Tajalliyaat e safdar 2/225]

Tajalliyaat E Safdar Vol 2 Page 225


You can see ameen okarvi calling ittifaaq of ulama to be Ijma and even his headline of the paragraph says "IJMA". There are other references as well but ameen okarvi is the father of Deobandi lies so his reference should be enough.



3) Proofs of Deoband Rejects Ijma

1) Ijma on Rafayadain before and after rukoo
2) Ijma Surah Al Araaf and its verse وإذا قرئ القرآن is a Makkan revelation:
3) Ijma on Quranic verse وإذا قرئ القرآن
4) Ijma Congregation Dua after Salah is Bidah
5) Ijma on Taqleed e Shakshi
6) Ijma on Mufti to be from people of Ijtihaad
7) Ijma that Sahi Bukhari is most authentic book after Quran
8) Ijma that Abdur Rahman bi Zaid bin Aslam is Daeef
9) Ijma that Abdur Rahman bin Ishaaq Al Waasiti is Daeef
10) Ijma on Weakness of Muhammad bin Saaib Kalbi

1) Ijma on Rafayadain before and after rukoo:

Rafa Yadain before rukoo' and after rukoo' is the Sunnah of the prophet sal Allahu aleyhi wasallam without a doubt. Many sahaba are reported to have done it. There are tons of authentic undoubtable proof that the prophet sal Allahu aleyhi wasallam would do this in his Salaah and there is not a single authentic proof that the prophet sal Allahualeyhi wasallam left this in his salaah. Refer to our Salah section for details:


However the Deobandis fabricated their own ijma and claimed that doing Rafa Yadain and Not doing Rafa yadain, both are permissible according to the Ijma of the Ummah.

The "Mufti of deobandis" Muhammad Rasheed Ludhyaanwi has written regarding Rafa yadain that:

“In such issues, both (Doing Rafa Yadain and not doing Rafa Yadain) are permissible with the Ittifaaq (Ijma) of the Ummah”. [Ikhtilafaat e Ummat page 272]



Another deobandi Jameel Ahmad Nazeeri rejects the Ijma of "Doing Rafa Yadain" and writes:

"Rafa yadain is abrogated" [Rasool e Akram s.a.w ka tareeqa e namaz page 198]


Ikhtilafaat E Ummat 272



2) Ijma Surah Al Araaf and its verse وإذا قرئ القرآن is a Makkan revelation:

Rasheed Ahmad Gangohi explains that there is Ijma that the aayat of Soorah Al A'raaf "وإذا قرئ القرآن" was revealed in Makkah. He writes:

"because (Soorah) A'raaf is Makkan with the consensus of Muhadditheen and Mufassireen and this verse is also Makkan. No one has exempted it from being Makkan nor has any one written it to be a Madni (Soorah). [Taleefaat e Rasheediya 510]


Ameen Okarvi has stated about "وإذا قرئ القرآن" that:

"This Aayah was revealed in Madina Al Munawwara" [Fatoohat e safdar 3/99]


Taleefaat E Rasheedia 510


Fatoohat E Safdar Vol 3 Page 99


3) Ijma on Quranic verse وإذا قرئ القرآن:

Ameen okarvi in Tajalliyaat e Safdar vol 3 page 618 gives a heading "Mukhaalfat e Ijma ki teesri Misaal" which means "The Third Example of Opposing Ijma" in which he (as usual) pulls a fabricated lie that Ahlul hadeeth reject Ijma. However while doing so he presented proofs from page 618 to 619 that "the Reason behind the revelation (Shaan e Nuzool) of this aayah "وإذا قرئ القرآن" is Salaah"


The Hakeem ul Ummah of Deobandis, Ashraf Ali Thanwi clearly does not believe in this and says:

"According to me,  وإذا قرئ القرآن , "So when the Qur’an is recited, then listen to it and pay attention that you may receive mercy." is based on Tableegh. Qiraat in Salaah is not meant over here." [Malfoozaat Hakeem ul Ummat 26/335]

Malfoozat Vol 26 Page 335


and also refer to Tafseer e Maajdi page 373 OR Vol 2 page 263 also has a similar view.



4) Ijma Congregation Dua after Salah is Bidah:

The Mufti of Deobandis, Rasheed Ahmad Ludhyanwi mentions that the congregational dua after Salaah is a bidah. He has written that:

"1- The Conventional method of congregational Dua after Salaah is bidah qabeeha shaneea.

2- There is no raising of hands in the dua after Fard (Salaah)"  [Namaz ke baad dua page 19]


Anwar Khursheed in his famous book of forged lies has written:

"To Raise hands for Dua after Fard Salaah is proven from sayings and actions of the Prophet s.a.w and the Sahaba. The prophet s.a.w and the sahaba have raised their hands, individually and congregationally, to do dua after Salaah" [Hadees aur ahle hadees page 478]



Namaazo Ke Baad Dua Page 19


Hadees Aur Ahle Hadees 478


5) Ijma on Taqleed e Shakshi:

Ameen Okarvi states about the innovation of Taqleed e Shakhsi that:

"Finally there was an Ijma on Taqleed e Shakhsi" [Fatoohaat e Safdar 1/84]


Rasheed Ahmad gangohi states:

"There was never an Ijma on taqleed e shakhsi" [Tazkiratur Rasheed 1/131]

Tazkiratur Rasheed Vol 1 Page 131



6) Ijma on Mufti to be from people of Ijtihaad:

Fataawa Alamgeeri, also known as Al-Fatawa Al-Hindiyyah Al-Ma’arufah Bi Al-Fatawa Al-’aalamkiriyyah Fi Math’hab Al-Imam Abi Hanifah An-Nu’man, It is probably the most famous hanafi book on hanafi fiqh with very very little to do with Imam Abu Hanifa rahimahullah because majority of the things in this book are just not from Imam Abu hanifa (rahimahullah) at all. However the deobandis take this book as an authority and are full of self praises about this book. It is written in this book that:

أَجْمَعَ الْفُقَهَاءُ على أَنَّ الْمُفْتِيَ يَجِبُ أَنْ يَكُونَ من أَهْلِ الِاجْتِهَادِ

"It is Ijma of the Fuqaha that it is waajib for the Mufti to be from the people of Ijtihaad" [Fataawa Alamgeeri vol 3, Chapter 1 page 308]


We all know that a muqallid can never be a mujtahid. Yet We see the deobandis today going agains their beloved hanafi fiqh book Fataawa Alamgeeri and labelling their Muqallid elders to be "Mufti". Deobandis go a step further by stating that:

“Today If some one stands up with the claim of doing ijtihaad then his claim will be thrown back at his face” [Tajalliyaat e safdar 5/44]

Tajalliyaat E Safdar Vol 5 Page 44


7) Ijma that Sahi Bukhari is most authentic book after Quran:

Sarfaraza Safdar has rightfully mentioned the Ijma on Sahi Al Bukhari in the following words. He says:

"It is the Decision of Ijma by the Ummah that Sahi Al Bukhari is أصح الكتب بعد كتاب الله (The most authentic book after the book of Allah i.e Quran.)" [Ahsan ul Fataawa 1/315]



"These people say that (Sahi) Bukhari is أصح الكتب (the most authentic book after the book of Allah) تحكم لا يجوز تقليد فيه به  their saying is absolutely unjust and there is no need to accept it" [Fatoohaat e safdar 1/159]


Ahsan Ul Fataawa Vol 1 Page 315



Fatoohat E Safdar Vol 1 Page 137


8) Ijma that Abdur Rahman bi Zaid bin Aslam is Daeef:

Sarfaraz khan safdar has quoted the Ittifaaq of Muhadditheen that Abdur rahmaan bi zaid bin Aslam is daeef [Tafreeh al Khawatir page 35]


Anwar shah khursheed did istidlaal from a hadeeth which contained Abdur Rahmaan Bin Zaid Bin Aslam as a narrator in it. He presented that hadeeth as his "authentic proof" and hence rejected the Ijma that Abdur Rahmaan Bin Zaid Bin Aslam is weak.  [Hadees aur Ahle hadees page 328]

Hadees Aur Ahle Hadees 328



9) Ijma that Abdur Rahman bin Ishaaq Al Waasiti is Daeef:

Anwar Shah Kashmiri has stated that Abdur Rahmaan Bin Isshaaq Al Waasiti is undoubtedly daeef(weak) and the scholars are unanimous (Muttafiq) on his weakness. [Al Arf Al shazi page 76]


Anwar shah khursheed did istidlaal from a hadeeth which contained Abdur Rahmaan bin Isshaaq as a narrator in it. [Hadees ahle hadees page 277]


10) Ijma on Weakness of Muhammad bin Saaib Kalbi:

Sarfaraz Khan safdar quoted Ibn Hajar Al Asqalani's statement in his book in which Ibn Hajar Al Asqalani (Rahimahullah) has narrated the Ijma on the weakness of Muhammad bin Saaib Kalbi. [Tanqeed e mateen page 168]


Ilyas ghumman has done istidlaal from a narration which contained Muhammad bin saaib kalbi as its narrator. [Namaz e Ahlu Sunnah wal jama'ah page 67]


Tanqeed E Mateen Pg 168



Ghumman Ki Namaz Page 67


Note: Namaz e Ahlu Sunnah wal Jam'ah in reality is "Namaz e Ghumman" due to his absolute blunt lies in the book.

One may ask a Deobandi whether all these deobandis are Misguided, Kaafir, Satan or people of Hell fire or not because thats what they themselves have said about those that reject or go against Ijma. May Allah guide us all to the straight path. These proofs are more than enough to prove that deoband rejects Ijma consensus. Allaah knows best.