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Muhadditheen from the tribe of Banu Tamim 255
Sufis forged the fatwa of Ibn Taymiyah on visiting the grave of Prophet peace be upon him 366
The praise of the muftis of four Madahib on Jala al Aynayn 386
Ibn Abdul Hadi according to Ibn Hajr al asqalani 387
Did ibn taymiyah said that prophet peace be upon him sits along with Allah on arsh 504
Mahmud Shukri al Alusi debated a follower of Ibn al Arabi 411
Sufi an-Nabhani's dream regarding Ibn Taymiyah and as-Subki 452
al Asqalani on Marrying several Women and Why the Prophet peace be upon him had many wives? 614
Refutation of Usamah Muttakin, Yasir al-Hanafi, and Abu Al-Hasan on the issue of al-Maqam al-Mahmood 1526
as-Sunnah by al Khallal, Chapter Muawiyah ra 1323
Ibn Taymiyah the Nasabi: A deviant claim 1216
Did Ibn Taymiyah claimed Allah's Istiwa is like my istiwa 1460
Killing Women and children in War with Kuffar 1308
Did Imam ash-Shafiee sought tabarruk from the shirt of Imam Ahmad 1294
Respone to Nabhani by al Alusi on asking help from dead 1534
Shaykh ul Islam Saleh bin Umar Siraj ud din al Bulqini on Ibn Taymiyyah 1421
The quotes of Abu Shaamah al Maqdisi on Taqlid and grave worship 1585
The quote of Najm al Din Tufi against Ibn Taymiyyah 1819
Life of Ibn Taymiyyah in alBidaya wal Nihaya 4944
Ibn Kathir on Ibn Abdul Hadi 2106
Female student of Ibn Tamiyah 2331
Ibn Kathir on Ibn Qayyim, his son and his father 2546
Doubt: People sought blessings from Ibn Taymiya`s body 4509
Did Mulla Ali Qari made Takfeer of Ibn Taymiyyah 5188
Ibn Kathir and Ibn Abdul Hadi defending Ibn Tamiya on Visiting Graves 3963
Tahir ul Qadri followed Mansur al-Hallaaj in making a false dream 3182
Najd in the eyes of classical scholars 5195
Ijma on Allah is Above Heavens & Above Throne or Arsh 8032
Reply to Qadiyanis: Prophet Muhammad(صلى الله عليه وسلم ) Final Prophet of Islam 6239
Reply to Najd Hadith: East refers to IRAQ Not Saudi Arabia 18461
Deviants Arguments : Shirk will NOT take place in Ummah 9994
In Defense of Abu Hanifa:Jahami, Murji or Munkire Hadith? 14759
Imam Ahmad Hanbali Madhab and Kissing Grave of Prophet 9962
Virtues of Mother of the Believers Aisha ra 16545
Scholars on Traveling to Visit the Graves 10873
Refutation of Good Bidah 16619
Sawad Al-Adam (Largest of the group) and its meaning 11243
Shaykh ul Islam Ibn Taymiyah RA 19467
Virtues of Muawiyah RA & Response to Objections by Shias 15708
Hanafi Scholars on Raqs (Dancing) of Sufis. 8715
Prohibition of Building Structures over Graves in Islam 18512
Detailed Refutation of Dancing in dhikr 11457

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