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The prayer of distressed is answered even if he is a kaafir. 4
The great Ali ibn Abu Talib 49
Pearls from the life of Umar ibn al Khattab 134
Plucking the facial hair of women 87
Nikah without the guardian or wali 128
When The Crusaders killed above 60k Muslim men and women 171
Daughters in Islam 699
What will Women get in paradise 579
Women of this world will outnumber men in Paradise 587
No punishment for a woman who was forced to commit zina 615
Initiating the salam to the people of the book and responding to their salam? 993
Etiquette of intimate relations 1602
Deliberately stopping yourself from getting married 757
Explanation of the verse "And live with them (women) honourably." 957
Ruling on singing its types and permissible lyrics without music 996
Neglecting prayer out of laziness is Kufr al Akbar or not? 1436
The command to show leniency 1073
al Asqalani on Participation in Jihad with parent's permission 1006
A short note on Slavery in Islam 1331
Letting the garments hang below the ankle 2188
Explanation of the denotation Laisa Minna (ليس منا Not From us) 2226
What is meant by the devils being chained up in Ramadaan? 1996
Aqeedah & Fiqh Q&A With Hafiz Zubair Ali Zaee 5590
Signs of the Hour (Qiyamat):In the Light of Quran and Sunnah. 7707
Dyeing the hair black is allowed or not 5695
Female Scholars Who Were Teachers of Male Scholars 3381
Riba(Usury):Permissible or forbidden in Islam? 6609
Hadith of Black Flags in Khorasaan 10119
Yazeed bin Muawiyah 14583
Ruling on celebrating Ashoora or taking as day of mourning 4184
Face Veil Obligatory or Mustahab? 13181
The fundamentals of Happy marriage. 8323
Wives of the Prophet 4311
SECRETS OF SURAH KAHF:Trials & Survival Kits 21947
"A View Through Qayamah: An Eyeopener" 6737
Dua After Eating or Drinking 13479
There is No Marriage without the consent of Guardian 11707
Seek Refuge from Envy Jealousy Hasad 7673
Time of Death 6763
Hijab in the light of quran nd sunnah 6262
33 Lessons From Surah Yusuf - Learn, Practice, Teach 8877
Spread Knowledge Even If It is one Verse 15467
i want to be a devoted slave of Allah (10 pointers) 6197
Renouncing the Sins! 4207
Al-Wahn, A Deadly Disease 5763

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