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Repentance of al Razi 62
Ibn Abbas and his students on calling upon Anbiya and Saaliheen. 580
Who was Jalal ad din as-Suyuti 644
Taqi al-Din al-Maqrizi on Istigatha from dead 574
Allama Iqbal on Ibn Taymiyah, Shah Wali ullah and Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab 1003
Four responses to the sufis in the form of poetry by Ahlus sunnah 546
The discussion between Moroccan scholar and Ibn Saud on Aqaid. 611
Shah Wali Ullah and Muhammad bin Ismaeel San`ani bashing brailwi aqaid 825
Abdul Hai Lakhnavi Hanafi according to brailwis and his aqeedah 1208
The Ashari Imam Ibraheem al Korani al Shahrani on Ibn Taymiyah 1166
Syrian Azhari Scholar Burhan ud din Halabi on brailwis 1154
Was Ibn Kathir Ashari, Extreme sufi or Atharee 1593
Did Prophet peace be upon him see Allah? 1428
Knowledge of the hour is not known to anyone, says the sufi as-Suyuti 1384
Prophet peace be upon him is not omnipresent (hazir nazir) according to Quran and Classical Mufassireen. 2057
Smackdown of Fakhr al Din Razi against the Modern day Sufis 2544
A Monotheist at the time of Jahiliyyah, Zaid ibn Amr 2990
Did Ibn Taymiyah claimed Allah's Istiwa is like my istiwa 1350
Fatwa related to Rijaal Al Ghayb (Men of unseen) 2563
Ibn Taymiyah had same Aqeeda like Abu Hanifa, Says al Qari 2181
Few Fatawa on pure Quranic taweez 2479
Maaliki Scholars on Shirk and Innovations 2304
al Alusi on seeing Prophet peace be upon him while awake 2069
Some quotes of Ibn Jareer at-Tabri on creed 2399
Tafsir of sufis is accepted or not 2599
Hearing of those things by Prophet peace be upon him which others can not hear 2809
Qaadi Iyaad on the Life of Prophets in al Barzakh 2811
Imam ad-Dahabi vs the Aqaid of Brailwis 3784
Imam ad-Daraqutni and seeking blessings from the graves 4179
Asqalani on "Allah Returns My Soul & I respond to Greeting" 3013
How the devil (Shaytan) Whisper to ask Help from Dead 3379
Meaning of: If I am someone’s Mawla then Ali is his Mawla too 3512
Hadiths on Omnipresence of Prophet peace be upon him 3397
Hadith of Aisha RA Doing Hayaa From The Grave of Umar RA 6729
Commentary of Ibn Rushd on "O Allah do not make my grave as an idol" 4519
Dead can hear or not: Opinions from Sahabas to Scholars 8865
Asking Help From Dead is Shirk From Soofi Scholars 7358
Where is Allah? Separate or Part of Creation? Above Heaven & Arsh? 14395
Response to Ja al-Haq Prophet being Omnipresent Part III 10278
Response to Ja al-Haq Prophet being Omnipresent Part II 10171
Response to Ja al-Haq, Prophet being Omnipresent Part I 9090
Respecting Auliya and Prophets 6686
Imam Ibn Khuzaima and Asking help from the dead 10589
Ibn Jawzi VS The creed of asking help from dead 10780
Knowledge of Unseen or Ilm ul Ghaib 14546
Prompting (talqeen) the dead in the grave 14846
Tabarruk through Holy Relics of Prophets & Auliyah 12771
Spirits visit the world and ask for Esal e sawab 15812
Imam Abu Haneefa & Asking help from Prophet (PBUH) 16058
Dreams are not evidence in Islam & rejected if against Shariah 6693
Blasphemy Law in the light of Quran and Sunnah. 6171
The people of Hell will abide therein forever 11600
Creed of Abu Hanifah(rah) regarding Unseen or Ilm e Ghayb 6109
Umar bin Al Khattab and Grave worship 12861
The Creed of Ibn Hajar Asqalani VS extreme Soofiyah 14627
What scholars say regarding Life in Graves or Barzakh? 19320
Whom Mushriks Used To Worship?. 8951
Khatam e Nabuwat 10468
Was Prophet Made From Nur?Did Prophet Had A Shadow? 33527
Nazar o Niaz (Vow) to anyone beside Allah is Haram : Hanafis 22848
Itiba Sunnat and Hujut Hadees 6768
Asking Help From Dead is Shirk: Quran,Sunna&Ijma 37912
Anbiya or Prophets & Auliyah are included in Mindoonillah 7824
Can we see Prophet while awake? 10743
Misunderstood hadith asking from dead and Wahda tul wajood 15470
Imam Mehdi A True Belief 6588

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