Advice of Imam Ibn Hibban

Some jewels from Imam Ibn Hibban al-Tamimi.

Ibn Hibban said:
الواجب على العاقل لزوم السلامة بترك التجسس عَن عيوب الناس مع الاشتغال بإصلاح عيوب نفسه فإن من اشتغل بعيوبه عَن عيوب غيره أراح بدنه ولم يتعب قلبه فكلما اطلع على عيب لنفسه هان عَلَيْهِ مَا يرى مثله من أخيه وإن من اشتغل بعيوب الناس عَن عيوب نفسه عمى قلبه وتعب بدنه وتعذر عَلَيْهِ ترك عيوب نفسه وإن من أعجز الناس من عاب الناس بما فيهم وأعجز منه من عابهم بما فيه من عاب الناس عابوه
It is an obligation on everyone who has intellect that he should refrain himself from finding faults of others, and try to correct his own faults. Indeed the one who is busy in correcting his own faults rather than others. His body feels comfort and his heart is at ease. When he find a fault in him and same fault is in others, then he will not see the fault of others as big one. But when someone busy himself to find the faults of others, then his heart becomes blind and body becomes restless. He tries to find excuse for his own faults.

[Rawdhat al Uqala by Ibn Hibban page 125]

Then he said:
التجسس من شعب النفاق كما أن حسن الظن من شعب الإيمان والعاقل يحسن الظن بإخوانه وينفرد بغمومه وأحزانه كما أن الجاهل يسيء الظن بإخوانه ولا يفكر في جناياته وأشجانه
Spying is a type of hypocrisy likewise thinking good (of your brother) is type of Imaan. A Wise person is the one who think good of his brother and shares his sadness. The Ignorant is the one who think bad of his brother and do not pay heed on his sadness.

[Rawdhat al Uqala by Ibn Hibban page 126]